Meet The Team



Owner of revitupuk was set up by the current owner Mark Longstaff (38) who started the company when he was 21. First selling cars from his driveway and moving up to his first unit at the age of 23 which stocked 5 cars. He has grown the business since 2001 into one of the leading sports/performance car sales companies in the UK. His current showroom holds a total of 70 cars all indoors ready to be viewed 7 days a week. His passion for cars and business is testament to any young entrepreneur. His dream was to build a company that prides itself on delivering the very best cars and service and will strive to continue to do this.



Sales Manager

The Manager here at revitupuk is Mike Price. Well known throughout the car scene and owners clubs, having his own personal cars featured in some of the top car magazines in the uk. At heart Mike is a Vauxhall man through and through and has owned over 170 performance cars in his driving life.
Mike is our eyes and ears on the ground making sure the showroom runs smoothly and sees to customers; delivering the very best service. Mike was introduced to 8 years ago when he purchased his vauxhall astra vxr from Mark himself and they become friends ever since. When Mark was looking for the right person to take the business forward in January 2015. After formal interviews were held Mike was the person chosen.


Ashley Cavanagh

Business Manager

Ashley Cavanagh is our new business manager here at revitupuk, working closely and alongside Mike the sales manager ensuring the business moves forward with the fast pace of the motor industry aswell as ensuring customer service is maintained to a high standard. Ashley is like has the passion for fast cars just like we do, Ashley was introduced to myself 4 years ago when he started buying performance cars from myself here at revitupuk. Since then myself (Mark) and Mike became good friends with Ashley and I then asked him to Come work for me. And now Ashley is an integral part of a great team.




Where do we start with Greg (aka Victor meldrew) he has been there from the start with Mark.
Initially helping at weekends while he was working at Vauxhalls where he worked for 35 years as a quality controller, then retiring from there and going to work for Mark full time . He has been with us for the last 10 years. If you ever wonder why the cars look so clean its down to this man. He is never without a mop, cloth or broom in his hand.
Not only does he provide a fantastic service to our customers , he also makes a lovely brew; mentioned many times by customers

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Mark Ellis

Detailer / Valeter

Mark Ellis is a big car enthusiast, He has had many performance cars over the years and has been valeting cars for over 25 years. He is very much the perfectionist when it comes to valeting, Mark introduced himself to Mark Longstaff 4 years ago and has since become a good friend, Mark offered his valeting services one week when he had free time and it was then that we knew we had to have him on the team.


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